Barossa Valley Real Estate

When you consider which area to retire to from the UK or USA you would first think about visa’s and permits to live in a certain country, we got around this so far by living our dream before retirement. We live 6 months in the UK and 6 months in Australia as holiday makers. My professional job keeps me busy for 6 months but my salary allows me the ability to travel the rest of the year, we had researched so many places to live, Egypt to Eastern Europe to Florida in the USA.

We chose the Barossa Valley for a few reasons 1 we fell in love with the feel of the place, old buildings yet modern amenities and nice people with that laid back country feel. The place does have class however with good quality eateries to attract the tourists however retaining the local countryvineyard feel. The Barossa Valley is traditional and is backed by many of its German roots, yes the Germans were here very early in the 1800’s and settled and have given the place a real German flavour.

Shopping is modern and close by and so are medical facilities. Many people have left the closest city Adelaide to reside in The Barossa Valley. It has become very popular with aussie’s as they see it as a little different that the rest of Australia a small Europe.

We pay the neighbour a tiny sum to keep an eye on the house whilst we are in the UK 6 months a year. When it comes to buying Barossa real estate we think it is great value from an international viewpoint. Lovely character homes start at about $450,000 AUD and you can get basic homes as cheap as $200,000 AUD if you happy with a plain jane house.

My wife like’s Tanunda for real estate as she see’s it increasing in value over time faster than other areas of the region. My wife and I also like the easy walk to the shops and restaurants again, we like the local meats bread and produce its all very good quality and unlike the UK it actually goes rotten in time, what do I mean by this, well in my opinion your buying real food not genetically modified crops.

So overall I love Barossa Valley as my favourite little place to live and relax if I could get a visa to stay for good which one day might happen then I will move there on a permanent basis. If you require more info check out or await further articles from me about the Barossa.

I am probably drinking a lovely red wine while you have been reading this whilst sitting in my Jacuzzi.

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